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Constant changes in technology also bring new challenges. If you have a specific problem or application then you need to discuss it with a LEN Engineer. We are here to develop solutions that will improve your output and service.

Our engineers are highly experienced and work with customers to develop optimum solutions for each application, making extensive use of both commercially available CAD software and in-house developed specialist software.

Signal Distribution

Whether you need to split, combine, isolate or switch your digital or analogue signal, LEN products have the bandwidth and performance to handle your needs without distortion.

We are particularly proud of our unique range of 3G and HDTV Signal Distribution products.

Video and RF Filters

We offer the complete range of passive filtering solutions from baseband to over 1000 MHz. Our engineers have designed many custom filters, and we are happy to design and supply filters to your specific requirements.

Ceramic Filters

Our unique approach to ceramic filter design and manufacture gives optimal, repeatable performance and allows us to meet our customer’s strictest demands. We have a complete range of designs including bandpass, bandstop, notch and mulitplexers. Our strong relationships with innovative Ceramic Resonator suppliers allow us to provide high Q Ceramic Filter solutions from 100 MHz upwards.

We use state of the art processes and test equipment capable of handling batch quantities from one-off specialist items to large volumes. We can also provide a full prototyping design service and engineering consultancy. LEN can provide you with:

  • Solutions tailored to your requirements
  • Specialist “one-off” production facility
  • In house design and engineering

Typical Examples of LEN Services

  1. LEN designed and manufactured 610 linear phase filters all individually phase matched to close tolerances. These are now positioned on 610 receiving masts of a radio telescope in Holland.
  2. The mobile units of a UK Police Force were experiencing severe interference between their voice transmissions and their GPS tracking systems. LEN engineers designed special notch filters which, after successful testing, were fitted throughout the fleet.
  3. LEN were contacted by a major Defence Communications company with an urgent need for two special bandpass filters for a new application. Our engineers designed, tested and constructed complex ceramic filters to meet the stringent specification. These were couriered to the client less than 36 hours after we received the order (less than 3 working days from the initial enquiry) and arrived with only hours to spare before being needed.

Product design expertise, engineering excellence and stringent manufacturing process control combine to make LEN the leader in the field of analogue signal filters and digital broadcast splitters and relays.

Legacy Support

We have a huge library of our historic designs, going back over 25 years. We also welcome enquiries for filters and networks which are no longer available from other suppliers.

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