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Product : HD SDI Splitter

HD SDI Splitter

Model No. : LHDS01


The LEN HD Splitter is suitable for additional monitor feeds; remote camera locations and situations where size and weight are critical factors – such as racing cars, bikes and other sporting and research applications.

Create two Broadcast quality signals from one input covering all formats up to and including HD. All connections are on the same face – ideal for permanent installations.

Drive capability can be up to 70 metres depending on cable quality and strength of original signal.


  • Miniature passive Splitter – no power required
  • Broadcast quality signal up to 1500 MHz
  • Size 45 x 30 x 15 mm – weight less than 30 gm
  • Ideal for permanent and temporary installations

Description / Details

Two (or more) HD Splitters can be used in series to provide up to 8 individual feeds over short distances. Actual distance dependant on original signal strength and cable quality.

Further Notes

To guarentee the specified performance the input should be fed with a source impedance of 75 ohms and both outputs should be terminated with 75 ohms. Therefore, if an output cable is not present, a 75 ohm termination should be fitted. This should be specified to operate over the full SDI bandwidth in use.

However, typical feedback from End Users is that not terminating an unused output does not cause significant reduction in performance.

Optional accessories: The LMPS02 Rack Frame is a 1U 19-inch panel, finished in black, punched to take up to eight Splitters mounted from the rear by means of the mounting screws, the BNC connectors facing out of the rack. If it is desired to have the connectors facing into the rack, the Splitters may be reversed, revealing the Splitter modules which will protrude 15mm from the surface of the panel.

  • Performance Graph for HD SDI Splitter

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