3G SDI Video Ground Isolator : LEN Filter & Network Technology


Product : 3G SDI Video Ground Isolator

3G SDI Ground Isolator

Model No. : L3GF01


The LEN 3G HD SDI Ground Isolator uses a broadband highpass filter to provide DC electrical isolation between the two pieces of equipment, whilst permitting the full bandwidth of the 3G-SDI signal to pass. This method outperforms all other broadband transformers for SDI signals currently available. Also known as the 3G-SDI DC Isolation Highpass Filter, it is non-inverting and suitable for ASI format.

Traditional “Humbucker” and Isolation Transformer approaches to interference are not applicable to SDI signals. Mains hum is well below the SDI signal frequency spectrum and (unlike analogue video) the SDI signal is not sensitive to near-DC attenuation. However, the problems of signal distortion and operator shocks caused by a voltage difference between two pieces of equipment connected by a HD-SDI signal feed still exist.




  • Eliminates Hum and DC Shock problems

  • Full Signal and Ground Isolation between equipment

  • No distortion of the video signal

  • Effective on 3G, HD and SD SDI signals

  • Suitable for ASI format

  • Small and lightweight


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