Video Relays - SD, HD, 3G SDI


Category : Video Relays - SD, HD, 3G SDI


These are miniature single-circuit, change-over relays providing full broadcast quality switching, for data rates up to 3GB/s. They are suitable for applications such as power-failure switching and source selection. They can be used to choose between two inputs or to have a single input and choose between two outputs, controlled by a 5V DC applied to the coil.

Two models are available:

The LHDR01 may be used with SD or HD SDI signals and the L3GR01 may used with SD, HD or 3G SDI. Each is built in an ABS enclosure fitted with three female BNC connectors, with mounting screws, which are also used to connect the DC power to the coil that switches the relay, on the same face of the relay as the connectors.


Typical Customer feedback: "I've used the HDR01 in past projects and found it to be a cost-effective and reliable means of A-B switching HD-SDI"


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