Galvanic Ground Isolators for SDI Video Signals


Category : Galvanic "Ground" Isolators

Three LEN Galvanic Isolators

The LEN galvanic ground isolators for SDI video use broadband high-pass filters to provide isolation of DC currents between two pieces of equipment. LEN DC ground path isolators permit the full bandwidth of the SDI signal to pass thus avoiding problems of signal distortion and operator shocks caused by a voltage difference. Our DC isolators out-perform broadband transformers for SDI signals as there is no distortion of the signal. They are all also suitable for the ASI format.

There are three ranges with different housings; one range has encapsulated enclosures which may be rack-mounted with an accessory panel, one has inline 'barrels', more suitable for portable applications, the third offers designs with higher breakdown voltage for medical grade applications, these are constructed in ABS boxes with mounting flanges.

Common specifications are as follows:

Input and output impedance: 75 ohms

Return loss: Better than 20dB

Full galvanic isolation of signal and ground paths



Products : 1 2 3

Products : 1 2 3

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