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Cable Clone

Cable Clones provide a method of simulating the effect of cable on serial digital signals without compromising accuracy. Each unit emulates a specific length of Belden 1694A cable in a tubular GRP enclosure with a female BNC 75 ohm connector on each end, providing known accurate loss for repeatable performance. It is important to know that all parts of an SDI system are operating well below the critical point at which the receiving equipment can no longer detect the incoming signal reliably, due to the filtering effect of the cable. One way to do this is simply to add a length of cable and check that the signal is unaffected.

Pocket sized, these clones can be used as a more convenient substitute for actual cable when installing or testing serial digital equipment, ensuring sufficient margin (head-room) is maintained. The clones can be cascaded to simulate greater lengths of cable.

Cable Clones continue to maintain their excellent reputation for convenience and accuracy since their invention by LEN Founder and MD Clive Baty in 1994.


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