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Leaders in RF & 3G Video Signal Technology

LEN is the UK’s leading specialist in passive signal enhancement. Wherever a signal requires to be transmitted, enhanced, cleaned, split or combined, LEN has the expertise and products to assist

LEN provides a range of high quality passive 3G HD, SDI, SD video and RF products. Our innovative range of video and RF signal enhancers, splitters and isolators can be found wherever the highest signal quality is desired and are thus the products of choice for the Broadcast, Defence and Medical industries.

Drawing on 35 years expertise in the design and manufacture of passive video and RF filters LEN continues to deliver at the cutting edge of 3G video signal treatment technology. At the same time, maintaining long term product support for our loyal customer base.

LEN can also produce custom or bespoke designs to meet our customers specific requirements. Why not get in contact to discuss how we can solve your signal problems whatever your business sector